Doppelganger's Primer Of Perils

There's a bothersome superheroine, snoopy policewoman or nosy lady-reporter interfering with your plans. She’s been captured and brought to you, bound, gagged, struggling and "mmmppphing" for all she’s worth. What do you do with her now? Here’s some suggestions!


  1. Onboard a sinking boat. Variations:
    • Bound to a sub that is about to submerge.
    • Flooding submarine compartment.
  2. Tied to train tracks. Variations:
    • Roller coaster tracks.
    • Monorail track.
  3. In an airlock about to be opened - Shuttle, rocket, etc. Variation:
    • Bound to the back of a jet rocket.
  4. Hands bound overhead to a horse, feet bound to another horse.
  5. Propeller approaching.
  6. Tied in the trunk of a car in a demolition derby.
  7. In a runaway vehicle. Variation:
    • In a car facing a cliff, brake off, ice block under the tire.
  8. Tied to landing gear of descending plane.


  1. Bound to a mirror/metal in the Arizona desert in the summer.
  2. Left next to a bomb. Variation:
    • Exploding Furnace
  3. Lowered into boiling oil. Variation:
    • Acid
  4. Burned at the stake.
  5. Thrown into a volcano. Variation:
    • Left in the path of approaching lava.
  6. Being roasted alive via steam bath or dry heat.
  7. Left in a burning building.
  8. Being cremated in a Pottery Kiln.
  9. Tied Spread-eagle in front of mouth of a cannon with a lit fuse.


  1. Sealed in airtight room with burning candles depleting the oxygen.
  2. Left in a building about to be demolished.
  3. Bound with 6 other female jurors in the jury room by the criminal's accomplices.
  4. Left in position to be crushed by the gear of a giant clock.
  5. In office ceiling, bound with stripped electrical cords attached to a light switch which is turned off...but it is almost 8am.
  6. In a room that's being filled with poison gas.
  7. Being cemented int a wall.
  8. Locked in a walk-in freezer after being drenched with water.
  9. Left to fall from a great height - For example, balanced on the edge of a building, supported by a burning rope or melting ice.
  10. Locked in a "shrinking room" (a room with walls moving in).
  11. Tied to the main support of a building, which is going to be knocked down so the building will collapse.
  12. Trapped at the bottom of a shaft, under a descending elevator.


  1. Strapped to a table while being targeted by a laser (ala 007 in Goldfinger).
  2. Tied to a device that either presses or cuts things as they come down the conveyor belt.
  3. Being victimized by a Maser or other sound amplifier.
  4. Fed to a Decorticating (hemp stripping> machine.
  5. About to be dissected.
  6. About to be crushed by centrifugal force.
  7. Left in a gravity chamber, to be crushed by increasing gravity.
  8. Trapped in a decompression chamber.
  9. Bound on an automated vacuum wrapping machine.


  1. Left under a spike, group of spikes or a great weight that is supported by a frayed or burning rope.
  2. Tied to a lightning rod during a thunderstorm.
  3. Lashed to a log that's rolling towards the buzz saw.
  4. Bound beneath a descending, bladed pendulum.
  5. Strapped to the Rack.
  6. Locked in an Iron Maiden.
  7. Trapped beneath spikes or a sword that is being lowered.


  1. Tied up in a casket. Can be airtight, buried or headed for the crematorium.
  2. Left hog-tied in a field of wheat about to be harvested with a combine.
  3. Bound in an area with rising water. Examples:
    • Under a pier with tide coming in.
    • At the bottom of a pool that's being filled.
    • In a slowly filling bathtub.
  4. Balanced on slowly melting ice, with her neck in a noose.
  5. Dropped from a cliff or into a pit.
  6. Locked in a cage, separated from wild animals by a door that will be opened on a timer. Variations:
    • Held over animal cage by a burning rope.
    • Left as victim for a man-eating monkey.
    • Coated with something sweet and left for killer ants.
  7. Sacrificed by savages.
  8. Captured by cannibals.
  9. Target of a projectile. Examples:
    • Gun aimed at her, with a string tied to the trigger and the door handle.
    • Crossbow aimed at her; quarrel held by string being burned by candle.
    • Hidden behind a target with an unwitting innocent doing target practices.
    • Locked in a tank being used by the military for target practice.
    • Left in front of an air gun, with the pressure building.
  10. Targeted by a spear launching device.
  11. Strapped into an electric chair.
  12. Trapped at the base of an avalance.
  13. Thrown into quicksand.
  14. Tied under a heavy spiked board that's supported by melting ice blocks.
  15. Left at the bottom of a gas station storage tank scheduled to be filled.
  16. Laying under a table with acid balanced over her head, with the table against a door that someone will soon open.
  17. Locked in a grain silo that is about to be filled.
  18. Loosely tied to the hand of a tower clock so that she will slide off at 12:30.
  19. Lashed to the clapper of a giant bell that's about to be rung.
  20. Tied in the "counter weight" position to a giant bell so that she will be hung when it rings.
  21. Hog-tied with ankle-ropes around her neck so that if she relaxes, she strangles.