Running a worldwide network of evil can be tough, especially with superheroines breathing down your neck. Luckily, there are others who are also dedicated to eliminating these avenging angels. Here are some of my favorites:

Becca's Heroine Club - One of the 'Net's best kept secrets. Becca's an AMAZINGLY attractive lady who dresses in a series of heroine costumes and posts pictures, some cheesecake, some peril, all great!
Becca's Fantasies - The superb Becca (see above) has a site with pics, stories, photomanips... Check it out; you'll be glad you did!
The Blue Angel Homepage - Features the peril-laden adventures of one of the Internet's hottest young heroines. Can't wait to lure HER into the dungeon...
Distressed Crimefighters - DC...get it? Comic scans from the swingin' 70s, with a special focus on the heroines of DC Comics.
Felon's Helpless Heroines - Comics: a gold mine of skin-tight costumes, stringent bondage and a dash of danger. Here are scans of these four-color fantasies, and original drawings.
The Lair Of Doctor Droid - Original heroines in picture and story form... where have I heard that idea before? Great site, but a bit intense; not for the squeamish!
Heroine's Peril - A site featuring VERY well-done artwork of (guess what?) heroines in peril! I especially like the animation-style pics, but they're ALL great!
Mr. Bond's Homepage - Another source of excellent comic book scans. A diverse selection that goes beyond the superheroine genre.
Superheroine Central - Partly a pay site with a sizeable free section. Pics, mpegs, artwork, ongoing stories and more. Well worth a visit!
Superheroines in Bondage - Original heroines in original photo stories. The title pretty much says it all!
Superheroines in Distress - Home of a group of roll-players. Nice pics & stories, as well as the information for anyone interested in joining the game.
Superheroine Unmaskings - This is the place to see heroines getting their secret identities exposed.
Voltage - Stories and artwork featuring the original superheroine, VOLTAGE!
Tuxedo Jarod's Super D-I-D Site - Comic, TV & movie pics, stories, "round-robin" tales and more, brought to you by the creator of the C3 webring.
Wizard's Lair - While he has other heroines, Wizard's favorite playmate is Supergirl. I REALLY like this guy's style. I hope he'll be a henchman once I take over the world, because I'd hate to have to elimate him as competition!

XO's Damsels in Distress Page - A nice site featuring scans from comics, cartoons, anime and some original artwork.

Non-heroine bondage sites:
Official Darla Crane Website - A major babe, creator of Spellbinder, and (based on what I've heard) a comics fan. Now, if she'd only post some Spellbinder pics on her page!
Lorelei's Bedroom Bondage - A classy site run by a classy lady, now with a superheroine layout!
Red's Realm of Romantic Restraint - One of DOZENS of pages I love, I chose to list this one due to Red's ENORMOUS links page. If you can't find it there, it doesn't exist!

Commercial bondage sites:
Anton Videos Website - Hot models, starring in original "damsel in distresss" videos, including a series of superheroine videos.
Harmony Concepts Website - IMHO, this is the Quazar of the genre. Their superheroine videos don't come out NEARLY as often as I'd like, but have always proved to be worth the wait.