Dungeon History

Policies - This site is dedicated to heroine in peril fantasies & updated quarterly, during the months of March, June, September, and December. Stories, characters and artwork are original. While the stories are (for the forseeable future) Doppelganger's domain, heroine in peril artwork is accepted for posting.

Submission Guidelines - If you'd like your artwork in my Dungeon, remember:

June, 2011 - Added a new Hyper-Girl story, added pictures to her old tales, and updated the bio pics on all the heroines' front pages.
March, 2011 - Added the third part of the Golden Goddess epic, and updated her front page & stories, and Hyper-Girl's front page.
December, 2010 - Updated the list on the Other Heroines page,and added a story with a fantasy-based heroine: Evora, Warrior Queen of Mu in "Necromancer's Target." Also, started to reformulate, update, and re-edit home pages and stories, including adding pictures of main characters created with various online image creators, starting with Blue Scarab.
September, 2010 - Second part of the Golden Goddess epic.
August, 2001 - New Miracle Maiden story, & MM pic by R.Boyd in the Gallery.
January, 2001 - First in Golden Goddess epic & pic by LAR. R.Boyd pic in Gallery.
8-9/2000 - Golden Goddess tale, end to Blue Scarab epic, LAR Casting Couch pic, R.Boyd & Loraxxx pics in Gallery.
6-7/2000 - AphaAL tribute, Swallow Woman/Swan Girl story & LAR pics in Other Heroines, Blue Scarab epic part 3, R.Boyd & LAR pics in Gallery.
4-5/2000 - Hyper-Girl story, Blue Scarab epic pt 2, LAR manip & Loraxxx pic in Gallery, LAR Miracle Maiden pic.
2-3/2000 - Miracle Maiden story, Blue Scarab epic pt 1, wallpaper, Loraxxx & R.Boyd pics in Gallery, Casting Couch, LAR pic of Golden Goddess.
1/2000 - Front page sound, Golden Goddess story, 2Cool pic in Gallery. LAR pics of Blue Scarab & Hyper-Girl.
5/1999 - Second Hyper-Girl story. New pic by The Loraxxx in The Gallery.
4/1999 - Blue Scarab story. Animated "Lady Lovejoy" in Gallery, her creator's site can be found in the Links.
3/1999 - Second Miracle Maiden story. Neat pic of "The Lynx" in The Gallery. Added another Link.
1/1999 - Cricket debuts in the Other Heroines section. Another update to the Links.
12/1998 - Golden Goddess story. Mr. X pic in Gallery. Update to Links. Script in the Other Heroines section.
10/1998 - First Hyper-Girl story. Pic by Felon in the Gallery, featuring the climax of the Blue Scarab premier.
9/1998- First story in the Other Heroines section: Lady Topaz. Miracle Maiden photo manip in the Gallery.
8/1998 - Golden Goddess & Hypergirl pics on their pages. Blue Scarab story. Raven pic in Gallery. New Links.
7/1998 - Page created: major heroine bios, pics of Miracle Maiden & Blue Scarab, other heroine list, primer, links, first Miracle Maiden story, guestbook and 3 images in the gallery.