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THE CASTING COUCH: Where major actresses star as my personal heroines!
AKAWW WALLPAPER: Since it has established heroines, this wallpaper I made with AKAWW images, is up for a limited time. It's my "thanks" for staying with me while I was gone!

Aquatic Lass Gets Hooked

by akaww

BackfireBound & Gagged
by 2Cool

Blue Lightning - Grounded!
by akaww

Blue Scarab's Explosive Surprise

by The Loraxxx

Blue Scarab Unmasked

by LAR

Bobbing for Blue Scarab

by Felon

Glamour Gal Hears the Buzz

by R.Boyd

Glamour Gal On The Right Track

by R.Boyd

Hyper-Girl The Cover Girl

by R.Boyd

Hyper-Girl in Chains

by R.Boyd

Invading Blue Scarab's Turf

by LAR

Look at Lady Lovejoy

by The Loraxxx

Lynx vs The Great Fonndoo
by SMS

Miracle Maiden Getting "Fired"

by R. Boyd

Ms. Americana & Liberty Girl: Detained Duo

by Mr. X

Princess PowerStar In Peril

by The Doppelganger

Princess PowerStar In 3D Part One

by The Loraxxx

Princess PowerStar In 3D Part Two

by The Loraxxx

Princess PowerStar In 3D Part Three

by The Loraxxx

Stargull Bombs Out...

by The Raven

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