Blue Scarab
Real Name: Josie Grey
Occupation: Forensic Scientist
Base of Operations: Greenway City
Measurements: 5’7", 35C-23-34
Age: 29
Powers/Limitations: Josie is a normal woman with great acrobatic and martial arts skills.  She has several weapons that she depends on: her Scarab Sting, a laser-like beam emitted by her bracelets, her armored Scarab-car, and the Scarab Line, which enables her to swing from building to buildling.
Origin:   Josie’s folks were circus performers, and the scientifically-gifted girl learned many of her physical skills from their co-workers.  Her parents died from a rare disease, so the teen-aged Josie moved to Greenway to live with her uncle, Chief of Detectives Gordon Jameson.  He forbid the girl from following him into police work, so she became a forensic scientist, instead.  However, her desire to do more to help led to her creating her alter ego, The Blue Scarab!

Episode One - The Blue Scarab vs The Black Blob
Episode Two - The Malevolent Mind Reader
Episode Three: Let The Fear Begin (Pt 1 of The Fearsome Foursome Saga)