It would take more than the disappearance of a woman to bring Greenway City's Chief of Detectives, Gordon Jameson, out in the field on a case. But when that woman is a supermodel like Cathy Scotland, and she vanished from a locked penthouse, all the rules change.

Chief Jameson surveyed the activity in the hotel's penthouse, sighed, and walked over to his niece, a slender redhead in a baggy suit and top coat, who was just finishing packing up her sample case. "Do we have anything to work with, here, Josie?"

Josie Grey shrugged. "Not sure. I found a small dart tipped with a drug, but I need to analyze it find out what it is. There are also some hemp fibers here and there, so I'm betting Miss Scotland was tied up when she left."

Before the chief could answer, a uniformed officer came up and said, "Say, Chief, there's a phone call from some dame claiming to be Claudette Schwiffler. When I told her Miss Scotland had disappeared, she freaked and asked to speak to you."

Chief Jameson had the call put on the speakerphone. While he couldn't be sure, the voice he heard DID sound like the supermodel he had seen interviewed on TV recently. "Chief Jameson, you have to help me," she said.

"Help you how?" the Chief asked.

"I called Cathy because she received a threat saying that she was going to disappear. We didn't take it seriously, but I just got the same threat, and now she's gone!"

Chief Jameson took the address she was at, and told her, "Just stay put, lock the door, and don't open it to anyone but me. I'm going to stop at headquarters to pick-up some more men, then I'm coming right over." After the call was disconnected, he looked around. "Where's Josie?"

The patrolman replied, "She left, chief. Said she wanted to get back to the lab and get to work."

"Good. At least she'll be safe there."

* * *

Clad only in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, Claudette Schiffler paced the apartment where she was staying. Her beautiful, heart-shaped face was wrinkled with worry. She paused and glanced out the window, running her hands through her long blonde hair. She wasn't ashamed to admit that she was scared. If only her boyfriend, Edwin Drood, were here. But his magic show was performing in Vegas, so she was alone. She finally went to the bar and poured herself a drink.

"I do hope that's low-cal booze," a voice sneered. "We wouldn't want you to wreck your figure, now, would we?"

Claudette looked around, her bright blue eyes searching every corner of the room...to no avail. "Who are you?" she demanded. "Show yourself."

"Fine." Suddenly, a woman just appeared out of the shadows. She was a fat woman, clad in a black outfit that included a mask over her face. "You could call me the Black Blob, but soon you won't be in any position to call anyone anything."

Claudette was so startled by the intruder that she didn't do anything at first. Then her ample chest expanded as she took a deep breath and opened her luscious red lips to scream. At that moment, the Black Blob shot her.

There was no explosive gunshot, only the hiss of compressed air. And Claudette felt only a slight pinprick. However, she found that she could no longer scream! Then, she could no longer hold her drink, whichThe Black Blob tumbled from her lifeless fingers to the floor. Finally, she could no longer support her body, and she crumpled to the rug herself.

"Don't worry, blondie," the Black Blob said as she strode over to the sexy supermodel. "My paralysis drug will wear off, but not before I've made sure that you aren't going anywhere..." With that, she began to pull some rope from a pouch on her belt.

Suddenly, a figure leapt into the room from the window. "Actually," she said, "you're the one who won't be going anywhere!"

The newcomer was as sexy as the Black Blob was repugnant. An hourglass figure, ample breasts and long sexy legs, all packed into a sexy costume. She wore a midnight blue PVC bodysuit that clung seductively to her form, from her crotch to just above her bosom, where it folded over. This extra fold of material also went around her arms, giving it the appearance of an "off-the-shoulder" blouse. Between her breasts was a light blue scarab design. Matching gloves, wristbands and boots, black stockings and a blue eye-mask that did little to hide the beauty of her face completed the outfit. The whole thing was set off nicely by the young woman's flame-red hair, which fell to her shoulders.

"The Blue Scarab!" the Black Blob hissed. "I've heard talk of you, but I didn't think you were for real."

"Too bad for you that I am," the stunning superheroine said. "Now, step away from Miss Schiffler before I have to get tough."

The rotund villainess moved away from the model...towards the shadow cast by a large trophy case. "Like this?" she asked innocently. Suddenly, she slapped a button on her belt buckle. "Or maybe more like this!" With that, the Blob faded out of existence!

The Blue Scarab was shocked for a second, then she ran over to check on Claudette. Without warning, however, a small club smacked her on the back of the head. Just before she lost consciousness, she heard the nasal voice of the Black Blob.

"You must be new at this. Don't you know an invisibility field when you see one? Well, let me get you out of the way, then I have to take this little tramp to a reunion with her limey friend..."

* * *

When the Blue Scarab regained consciousness, she was in a position she'd experienced many times since she first donned her costume a few months ago...a position she could have enjoyed under the right circumstances: bound and gagged. She began to examine her situation, looking for a way out. She wasn't sure how long she had been knocked out, and the police might show up any second. And if her uncle found out that the Blue Scarab was really Josie Grey, there'd be hell to pay!

Josie was tied to a kitchen chair. Her wrists had been pulled behind the chair back and lashed there with what felt like 50 feet of rope. More rope had been applied to hold her arms to the sides of the chair, as well as rope that went above, below and even between the soft mounds of her breasts. Her legs were tied apart, to the legs of the chair, and rope went over her thighs, securing them to the seat. Something that felt like a washcloth had been stuffed into her mouth and was being held in place by several layers of tape.

But the oddest part of her predicament was her feet. For some reason, they were sitting in small kitchen pots that were full of water. Blue Scarab studied this for a second, until she noticed wires running from each pot to a timer plugged into the wall outlet. It was the kind of timer used to turn lights on or off when someone is on vacation, and it would click to the "on" position in three minutes.

"Ohmigod!" the shapely crimefighter thought. "When that thing switches over, I'll be electrocuted!" The laser on her wristband--her Scarab Sting--could cut her free, but she couldn't reach the controls. She began to struggle against her bonds with all her might.

Josie, the Blue Scarab, had been tied up many times in her life, both for "business" and pleasure. She knew a thing or two about bondage, and what had been done to her had been done well. She felt no give whatsoever in the ropes that pressed cruelly into her supple flesh, and the gag permitted only the smallest whimper to escape. She thrashed about as wildly as the bonds would allow, her arms and leg pulling on the ropes, her shapely buttocks attempting to lift from the seat and her magnificent breasts bouncing with her efforts.

Since the gag made breathing through her mouth impossible, Blue Scarab had a hard time drawing enough air into her lungs to keep up her exertions. She finally stopped, a light sheen of sweat on her skin, her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply through her nose so that she wouldn't pass out.

"Waitaminute!" Blue Scarab said to herself. "I don't need to escape right now... I just need to get out of these damned pots of water. And soon!" she realized as she glanced at the timer, which showed less than one minute left.

Knowing that she had only one chance to escape, the Blue Scarab leaned forward as much as the ropes would allow. She took a couple of deep breaths, then, with all the strength she could muster, threw all her weight backwards, pressing down as hard as she could with her toes. For a second, she was afraid her plan wouldn't work...then the chair tipped over, pulling her feet from the water. She was safe, and not a second too soon. The timer clicked and sparks flew from the pans.

Josie's arms, trapped between the chair and the floor, hurt like hell, but at least she was alive. She also noticed that being in this new position seemed to alter the stress on the ropes, giving her slack where there had been none before. After five minutes of twisting and rubbing her wrist ropes on the chair back, she was finally able to touch the stud for her bracelet. The Scarab Sting flared, then burnt through the ropes, freeing the luscious redhead!

The Blue Scarab finished freeing herself, then pulled off the duct tape and spit out a dishrag. She grimaced as she saw the imprint of her lips on the tape, knowing that she'd have to fix her lipstick now. Suddenly, she heard a pounding on the door.

"Miss Schiffler! This is Chief Jameson; open up!"

Josie had to get out. She dove out the window, grabbing the Scarab Line that she had affixed there. She had to get back to her place and check the computers. Then she could try to find out where Claudette Schiffler and Cathy Scotland were.

* * *

"I'm in a basement," Claudette Schiffler thought. She had to keep reminding herself of that fact to keep from giving in to panic, because while logic said "basement," the atmosphere and predicament she found herself in said "dungeon."

The Teutonic beauty was in a position that many of her fans, she knew, would probably LOVE to see her in. She had been stripped down to her soft rose Wonderbra and panties. Her back was pressed against a wooden support beam that was in the center of the small, cell-like room. Rope wound around her lower body, lashing her shapely legs to the course wood. Her hands had been tied together and pulled over her head, where the rope was tied through an eyebolt in pillar. A thick white cloth had been knotted and pulled between her luscious lips and perfect teeth, ensuring her silence. Claudette occasionally wondered what was in store for her, but usually stopped before that train of thought lead to the panic she was fighting. Instead, she had spent her time straining her curvy form against her bonds. It was hopeless.

That was when the door opened, and the Black Blob walked in, followed by a man who was as large and out of shape as the villainess. The man was dressed in a sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a black mask. He was carrying a folding chair that he set up next to Claudette's pole. Then he left the room, leaving Claudette with her sable-clad nemesis.

"So, blondie, how do you feel?" the Black Blob asked with a sneer, as she advanced to her captive and cupped the beauty's face in her gloved hand.

"Hummph! Mmmm-ummmmph!" was the only response that Claudette could muster.

"Ah, you stupid supermodels. All looks, no brains. Can't even hold up your end of a conversation." The Black Blob shoved the girl's face away. "Well, at least you look good. That's what made you rich. And what's going to make me rich. Hurry up, Tim!"

The man came back in the room, dragging a young woman who was, like Claudette, bound, gagged and dressed only in her lingerie. Her struggles made it hard to focus on her face, but when Tim had dragged her over and shoved her into the chair, Claudette recognized her friend, Cathy Scotland!

There was a moment of silence and shocked recognition before the two beauties began trying to communicate through their gags. The pathetic whimpers that escaped the cloth were totally unintelligible. After a few seconds, the Blob yelled, "Shaddup!"

The supermodels stopped, fear obvious in their faces as their gaze shifted back and forth between each other and their two captors. "Okay," the Blob continued. "Let's get some stuff straight. There's no need for us to hurt anyone, but we will if we have to! Tim, go get ready..." Her associate left the room, which frightened the girls even more. The Black Blob was obviously the more unstable of the two!

The Black Blob leaned on the wall, the two curvaceous captives staring at her in fear. Finally, the villainess spoke. "I'm sick," she said simply. "Sick of having tramps like you get their way! Sick of having everything handed to you on a silver platter! Sick of you getting by just by flashing those teeth, shaking those tits, or tossing that hair! SICK!!!!"

Claudette shook her head from side to side, eyes wide as she protested into her gag. "Hnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnn!" Cathy Scotland ignored her friend's protests. While she agreed that the pair had worked hard to become successful, the Black was obviously not going to be reasoned with! So she kept her peace, hoping that the large woman's anger would play itself out.

The Black Blob raised her hand to swing at Claudette, but stopped herself at the last minute. "No ... mustn't damage the merchandise!"

At this point, Tim came back in. He set up a video camera on a tripod, facing the two bound beauties. Then he rolled in a cart, on top of which was baby oil, petroleum jelly, feather dusters, a cat-o-nine-tails, and a selection of vibrators. The women paled when they saw this display.

"I plan on making LOTS of money off you gals," the Blob smirked. "I have a rather wealthy buyer in the Middle East who will give me more cash than I'll ever need! But, just as some 'mad money,' I thought I'd make a video of the sexual exploits of two supermodels and sell it over the Internet! Of course, to the world at large, it will seem like celebrity look-alikes made the film. But you won't be around to protest its release, so what's wrong with that?"

She sat back and watched as Tim turned on the video camera ...

* * *

The odd, bug-shaped Scarab-mobile rolled to a stop in front of the estate. Josie Gray, the Blue Scarab, shook her pretty head and whistled. She found it hard to believe that someone could have a place this big, on the waterfront, and use it just as a summer home! Still, Eliza Churley was no ordinary woman. She was a supermodel both here and back in her native England! Now that she had branched out into acting, that curvy body, softly lilting accent and stunning smile had probably made the brunette enough money to buy all of Greenway City, let alone this estate, and not even miss the money she used!

Blue Scarab had a hard time buying the logic that had brought her here. But Claudette Schiffler, Cathy Scotland, and Eliza Churley were all in Greenway City to promote the grand opening of their new restaurant venture: The Catwalk Café. The Black Blob had mentioned Claudette's "limey friend." There was the story of the Café's history, and the partnership behind it. As strange as it all was, it made sense! The titian-haired titan of justice slid out of the car and headed towards the main house.

Blue Scarab slipped into the window and found herself in the drawing room. She began a quick, but silent sweep of the house. Oddly enough, the house seemed deserted, but she knew Eliza Churley was supposed to be here. Finding nothing on the upper floors, she quickly descended into the basement, wondering if there could be some clue down there. At the bottom of the steps, she saw someone sitting on a chair. The redheaded wonder switched on the light and saw Eliza Churley, bound, gagged, and tied to the seat! Blue Scarab quickly moved forward to free the English model.

Blue Scarab untied the heavy scarf that filled Eliza’s mouth and pulled it free. Then she worked out a damp handkerchief that had been stuffed deep behind the Brit’s teeth.

"Oh, thank you," Eliza cried. "Those two horrible people have kept me tied up like this for days! And they have my friends over in the back room..."

As she reached to untie Eliza’s hands, the azure adventuress glanced in the direction of the back room. She saw a stout wooden door, which opened slowly. A large masked man walked out, breathing heavily.

"Okay, sweetie, time for you to join the fun... Hey! Who the hell are you?"

Josie didn’t respond; she just acted. Her Scarab Sting fired an electrical blast across the basement, catching the man in the chest and knocking him backwards. The door swung open wider, and the Black Blob emerged.

"You again!" she cried as she activated her invisibility field. "I don’t know how you escaped the electrocution, but I’ll teach you to interfere with me!"

Blue Scarab cursed the few seconds that her Sting needed to recharge before firing again. In that time, her opponent had become invisible and moved. Thinking quickly, the heroine doused the lights. "Okay, Blob, now we’re on equal footing. ... neither of us can see the other!"

For what seemed like ages, the duo played a cat-and-mouse game in the basement, each trying to find and outflank the other. Suddenly from the darkness, Josie heard whispering. She tried to move towards it, but it stopped and was replaced by the sound of a slamming door and muffled cries of feminine terror!

"Tim’s awake," the Black Blob said. "I sent him in to the other two girls. If you don’t surrender in the next three minutes ... Well, let’s just say that it won’t be pleasant for them!"

The Scarab sighed. She couldn’t let the women be hurt. She had escaped Black Blob’s clutches once before, and was sure she could do so again. "You win, Blob. What do you want me to do?"

"Turn the lights back on, and go to the back room door. Tim," she cried, raising her voice, "she’s coming in."

The Blue Scarab complied with her nemesis’ requests. When she knocked on the door, she saw Cathy Scotland and Claudette Schiffler sitting on the floor, back to back. Each had her arms pulled back and bound around the other girl. They were sweating, but silent. This last was because of the large ball-gags each had in her mouth; Josie didn’t think she wanted to know what had caused the sweating. "Okay," she said to Tim, "what next?"

Tim shrugged his shoulders. "Why don’t you ask her?" He pointed behind the superheroine.

Blue Scarab whirled to see the Black Blob standing behind her. Before she could do anything, however, Tim grabbed her from behind. The Blob joined in. Blue Scarab struggled fiercely, and might have defeated the pair, if a rag hadn’t suddenly been forced over her mouth and nose ... a rag with the sickly sweet smell of chloroform on it. In moments, the drug took effect. Blue Scarab’s eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

* * *

When the Blue Scarab awoke, her awareness slowly grasped certain consequences. First of all, her mouth was dry. This usually followed chloroform, but she quickly realized that the problem was exacerbated by the gag in her mouth. There was a sense of dizziness and vertigo. Again, this was to be expected, but in her case it was made worse by the fact that she was suspended above the ground. Her arms and shoulders were sore, but since her wrists were tied over her head and all of her weight rested on them, she wasn’t surprised. She slowly opened her eyes to examine her situation.

The situation wasn’t good. The Black Blob had hung Blue Scarab from the winch in the boathouse, her feet dangling over the water. A lead weight, possibly used as an anchor, was tied to her ankles. Ropes wrapped around her shapely thighs and calves, and this gag was even more effective than the one back at the apartment. She looked down and saw Black Blob and her partner in a small cabin cruiser. The three captive models were bound and gagged on the deck, but as Blue Scarab watched, Tim lifted Eliza Churley and took her into the forward cabin.

"Oh, finally woke up, huh, Sleeping Beauty?" the Blob sneered. "It’s about time! I didn’t want you to miss your total failure! Tim and I are going to take these little tarts out to meet a rather large ship on which my buyer awaits. Then I’ll get more money than I can count; they’ll be out of my life forever, and a wealthy man with have three new playthings! Everyone’s happy! Well, except for you, of course! When we leave, we are going to set the winch to lower you into the water. That should take about five minutes. We’re also going to set that time bomb on the tool bench to go off in ten minutes, bringing the building down on your watery grave! I’ll retire, and Greenway City will be rid of it’s greatest villainess and it’s rather pathetic heroine! Ta-ta, my dear!"

Blue Scarab’s azure eyes flashed red hot, and she cursed into her gag as the evil duo finished loading their sexy cargo below deck, set the time bomb, turned on the winch, and piloted the boat out into the bay. The door closed automatically behind them, leaving the righteous redhead to struggle as the bomb ticked and she moved closer to the icy water below her.

The curvaceous captive’s mind whirled with possibilities of escape, which she eliminated one-by-one as being impractical. Finally, she was left with only one idea, which was very risky. Still, at least it gave her a chance! Blue Scarab activated her Scarab Sting and burned through the ropes around her wrists, thankful that Black Blob hadn’t realized what the bracelets were actually for. As the last cord parted, the weight tied to her ankles yanked the superheroine into the cold depths of the bay, straight to sandy bottom, where she settled in a cloud of sand.

It was a struggle not to let the air from her lungs when her well-rounded derrière hit bottom. Blue Scarab knew, however, that if she did, it was all over. She swung the Scarab Sting around and used the laser to slice her ankles free of their bonds. Then she planted her high-heeled feet on the seabed and kicked herself upward. She rocketed to the surface, pulling the gag from her mouth as she did. As her head cleared the water, the redhead wonder took in deep breaths of air. She quickly climbed from the water and yanked the timer fuse on the bomb. Squeezing the water from her scarlet locks, Blue Scarab’s eyes narrowed.

"Okay, Blob, no more Miss Nice Girl!"

* * *

The Black Blob stood in the small cabin, looking at the three helpless supermodels. "I really didn’t want to do this," she glared. "But you three gave me no choice! Well, if this is the only way to get you out of my hair, so be it!"

Tim’s voice came down from the deck. "Hey, uh, Blob ... ? You’d better get up here ..."

The Black Blob sneered at her captives and mumbled under her breath as she climbed the four steps onto the deck. All Tim had to do was drive the boat out to meet the client! Couldn’t the little twit even do THAT on his own? When she reached the deck, however, and looked at where Tim was pointing, her blood ran cold. There was a bizarre vehicle behind them closing fast. It was a blue, bubble-shaped thing that looked less like a boat than a car driving on the water! There was a design on the body of the vehicle in gray, separating it into "body" and "head" with the headlights serving as "eyes". It looked like a giant scarab beetle.

"Faster!" Black Blob screamed as she smacked Tim in the shoulder.

"I got it open all the way!" he responded. "She’s just faster than we are!"

As if to underline that statement, the Blue Scarab’s Scarab-mobile pulled alongside the fleeing boat. The window rolled down, and the red-haired superheroine clambered aboard the ship. "Damn you!" the Blob shouted. "Why don’t you die?!?"

As the large woman reached for her invisibility belt, the Scarab raised her arms. "Not THIS time!" she said as she fired her Scarab Sting, on the second setting. Instead of a laser beam, a bolt of electrical energy shot out and struck the Black Blob. The woman shook as if having a seizure, then collapsed to the deck.

Tim raised his hands in surrender. "Look, I never wanted any of this! Lu made me do it!"

Blue Scarab used a piece of rope on the deck to tie him to his unconscious mistress. "I know that," she said. "And maybe your lawyer can use that in your favor. But it’s not for me to decide." She shut off the boat’s engine, used her remote control to put the Scarab-mobile in a holding pattern around the boat, and went downstairs to free the models.

After untying the beautiful captives and leading them back up on deck Blue Scarab radioed the police and turned the ship back towards the city.

"What I don’t get," Cathy Scotland said, having regained some composure, "is what she has against us!"

"Oh, that’s easy," Blue Scarab said as she pulled off the Black Blob’s mask, revealing the face of former stand-up comic and out-of-work actress, LuAnn Barnold! "According to the reports, LuAnn was supposed to be the ‘silent’ partner in your new restaurant chain. But she was greedy and power hungry. If she got rid of you three, she’d have total control of the business, as well as 100 percent of the profits! Don’t forget, with her show off the air, she has no income!"

"I don’t believe it," Claudette said. "Any of this!"

Sirens sounded over the water. "You’d better believe it," Blue Scarab said, as she pulled the blonde over to take the steering wheel, "because you have to explain it to the authorities!" She summoned the Scarab-mobile, pulling it alongside the boat again.

"What about you?" Liz Churley asked.

Blue Scarab slid down into her vehicle. "Police ask a few too many questions for my tastes. Just give them this!" She tossed something to Cathy Scotland before pulling away from the boat and disappearing in the night.

The other two models ran over to Cathy, asking "What is it?" The girl opened her hand and revealed a small scarab-beetle molded from blue plastic. Moments later, the spotlight from the police boat fell on them, and the Black Blob was being taken into custody. As for Blue Scarab, she went to bed that night without her usual yoga session. Her experience in the boathouse had been enough stretching for one day!