Tribute to AhpaAl

AhpaAl was one of the first people to write me when I opened the site. We corresponded for some time, and he shared with me a great number of his preferences & desires in the superheroine damsel in distress genre. He was very definite about his likes & dislikes, and could be a bit demanding. While he could be a bit of a pain, he was a good guy.

Sadly, Al lost a battle with cancer in June. One of the things Al liked most was the notion of heroine team, one adult and one younger, preferably in miniskirts. He was looking forward to the Swallow Woman & Swan Girl story, which was very in line with what he liked. Unfortunately, that story wasn't finished before Al passed away. So, I finished the story and offer it here as a tribute to a fallen friend. If heaven has an internet connection, I'm sure Al will be reading this with a smile on his face.